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At a time where many of us are quarantined, our apparel has become a lot more relaxed (especially if we are teleworking or homeschooling kids). We've traded in our 9-5 attire for sweats, leggings & PJs. Quarantine has definitely made us comfortable. But there can be a thing as being too comfortable, especially when our work life and home life are now tightly intertwined. There have been a few days where I've had to pull myself out of a slump simply because the uncertainty of it all became too overwhelming. Also because my husband kept giving me the side-eye for rocking my "Set It Off" braids (bro was fed up)!! LMAO LMAO

So I decided to get my life together and put a little more effort into my day to day look. Don't get me wrong, I'm still 85% sweatpants and leggings but every once in a while, I doll myself up and find my inner vixen. So if you're looking to do the same...

Sass It Up a Bit

Whether you're in a relationship or single, a classic piece of lingerie should be a staple in your wardrobe. It doesn't have to be anything super risqué; it can be something as simple as a matching bra and panty set. Lace is always a plus. Heck, even an oversized t-shirt or dress shirt will do (think naughty librarian). But anyway, throw that bad boy on along with some lip gloss and strut your stuff in front of the mirror. Have an impromptu photoshoot or model your outfit for your partner.

Put on a Dope Playlist

Y'all know how I am about a dope playlist. There is something about the right music that can put you in the right mood almost instantly. And there's literally a playlist for everything. Like seriously, google "feel sexy playlist" and you'll find something for every genre. I've taken the liberty of curating a list for such an occasion.😉

So, turn up the music and embrace every sensual sassy lyric until you feel your sexiness and confidence coming back. And you'll know the exact moment happens...that lil shimmy will turn into a mean two-step or even a twerk or two 😂😂. Nobody's judging you so go ahead and get your life sis!!

So I challenge you to #TTBOS (Take the Bonnet Off Sis) and show yourself you ain't lost it!!

Until next time...

M.T. 😘✌🏾

P.S. Comment with your favorite sexy back song so I can add it to the playlist

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