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Float, Float On

So this weekend, I did a thing...

This year, I made a vow to be more intentional in scheduling self-care days. So when I saw an IG post about @soulexdc, I was intrigued. And when it came up again in my sister group chat I figured why not.

SoulexDC is a spa of pods where you float in saltwater for an hour as a means of relaxation and meditation.

I was a little apprehensive a first because I can’t swim (I was going to take lessons last summer but of course the Pootie Tang happened - that’s my slang for the pandemic in case you’re wondering). But anyway, not being able to swim made me nervous because I don’t like water in my ears. It gives me a lot of anxiety because I grew up in the era where you throw a kid in the pool and hope they find their way to the top (well I never did). However, after doing my research, I found out that the spa provided wax earplugs to prevent water from getting in your ears, which put my mind at ease so I said Y.O.L.O.

When I got to the spa was greeted by the pleasant staff and given an orientation of the pod room. The room consisted of the pod, of course, a shower, and toiletries to refresh afterward.

The lighting was motion censored so once I was situated in the pod, I was submerged in total darkness. When the lights first went out, I took that opportunity to have a conversation with Jesus about everything I wanted to release in that moment, and then I just tried to block everything out. I had moments where my mind would wander about simple things, like what to get for dinner or things on my to-do list, but each time, I would re-focus on my breathing, similar to meditation, open my eyes to take in the darkness and reset.

Let me tell you that was the quickest hour I ever experienced in my life. I did not want to get out. And once I did finally get out I took my time in the shower and just embodied the entire experience. I enjoyed myself so much that one of the staff members had to come and check on me because I was taking too long. When I emerged I experienced a sense of peace and I had this Zen-like aura. And the glow chile, it was something fierce.

(Me on my way home, just glowing lol (no make-up, no filter) but check out all of the salt remnants lol).

The only downside was the amount of salt that was remaining in my hair. During the float, I wore a swim cap because I have a sew-in and I didn’t want my braids to get soggy. But I didn’t realize that the swim cap wasn’t as effective as I had hoped. As you can see there is an intense amount of salt in my hair and my clothes - it was all over my truck, everywhere. So the only word to the wise that I have is that if you are wearing a protective style, to visit the float pod at a time where you’re either about to take out your protective style or right before you get a protective style done that way you can thoroughly wash your hair to remove all of the salt.

This was definitely an experience - one that I needed and also one that I would partake in again. As a matter of fact, I’m trying to convince my husband that this is something that we need to do together.

If you’re looking for a way to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day, I wholeheartedly recommend this experience and in the words of Manny Fresh "Everybody everybody get your float on".

P.S. I’m definitely the mom that cracks bad jokes.

Until next time 😘✌🏾


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