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Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

I distinctly remember the day I decided to grow my natural hair. My daughter Chanelle, who was about 6 or 7 at the time, had just come home from daycare in tears because someone was making fun of her natural curls while she was at school. Even though Chanelle had her straightened in the past, we took pride in the fact that she embraced her natural curls.

Because I had worn a relaxer in my hair since I was maybe 10 or 12, Chanelle felt like she didn’t have anyone at home who looked like her. I didn’t even remember what my natural curl pattern looked like but seeing how upset she was and understanding that representation mattered before it became a cliché term, I decided that I was going to embark on my natural hair journey.

Because I didn’t want to do the traditional big chop, I would cut several inches of relaxed hair at a time while wearing partial weave sew-ins. Now, I love me a good sew-in but I realized even those were starting to take a toll on my natural hair because of the constant manipulation around my hairline and straightening my leave out. During quarantine, since hair salon services were limited and I’m what some would call a lazy natural, I started to explore wigs.

Let me tell you about the convenience of a wig! I throw this wig on in the morning with very little maintenance required and I go about my day. I typically wear the straight, glueless wig from LuvMe Hair since it requires very little effort on my part.

Most recently, I’ve tried the headband wig trend. These are great for running errands or a quick look. I love that I can put the wig in a ponytail so the hair is not in my way if I’m going to the gym or in “mom mode”. I also love that the wig can be very versatile. The LuvMe Hair body wave headband wig came with a variety of styles and colors so I can match them with different looks. The body wave curl pattern is easily straightened which means I can easily change up the look of the wig to suit the occasion.

What mom doesn't love running errands at Target

I’m looking forward to exploring this wig journey with LuvMe Hair. Their brand has made it very easy for someone like me that’s new to the wig game to explore and play with the different styles and options that they have. Their collection offers versatile looks that keep a busy mom like me looking her best. So stay tuned to the blog and my IG to see how I continue to finesse these looks!

Until next time...😘 ✌🏾

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