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Twas The Day Before Christmas...

As a higher education professional, nothing screams REST like Winter Break. A week and a half of out of office responses, catching up on our personal to-do lists, and most importantly, family time and rest. In years past, we would be on a family vacation but this year, we will be together at home.

I may or not put on real clothes this week.

If you're wondering what I'm planning to do with the next two weeks of my life, my immediate response would be nothing lol. But I do have some plans here and there but nothing major. Here's what's on my list:

Binge Watching

For the first time ever in life, I have been glued to the endless cycle of Christmas movies on Lifetime. What can I say, they speak to the hopeless romantic in me. My top 3 favorites this year are:

  • Merry Liddle Christmas

  • Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve

  • A Very Nutty Christmas

BUT my all-time favorite Christmas movie is This Christmas. The Soul Train line gets me every time lol. My little brother and I always pick a day and watch this movie together during break and sing all of the Chris Brown songs together 😍


Venturing Out (Safely Of Course)

While being a couch potato is all fine and dandy, a little fresh air is always nice. This past Sunday, we ventured to Richmond. I had to return a Christmas gift to Dilliard's, which isn't close to the DC Metropolitan area, so we took an hour and a half ride...just because. And I’m glad we did!! We stumbled across the cutest farmer’s market...Tom Leonards.

4150 Tom Leonard Dr, Glen Allen, VA 23060

We were drawn in by the lump crab meat sale sign that was visible from the highway - no judgment. But once we got inside, we were captivated by the mom & pop feel, the freshness of the seafood and meats (we had shrimp and oyster po’boys for dinner that night), and the homemade treats, like kettle corn popped on site.

Chanelle, my 12-year-old, was a little terrified of the Dancing Dogs but she survived and she agrees that we must definitely go back in the near future.


Getting My Creative Juices Flowing

My 9-5 has been BUSY these last few months. I’m not complaining because I specifically told God that I wanted to be challenged more in my career. With that being said, my personal brand has fallen by the wayside a little so I’m looking forward to picking that back up. I’ll also be working on a plan to balance both better on a regular basis.

I'm definitely learning the importance of rest and its place in my life. Filling up my cup is not only important for me but for those around me, so I can continue to pour into them.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

-Muvah 😘✌🏾

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