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Quarantine & Chill

Things been getting pretty strange now, feel like I been caught up in a daze now. I need 10 more seconds, gotta find my zen, I’m about to lose my mind…

-Alex Vaughn (10 Seconds)

I've definitely taken some time to process our new normal as a result of the current COVID-19 crisis. I honestly checked out for the first couple of weeks because of the uncertainty of what was next was starting to trigger my anxiety. All of us deal with anxiety at various times in our lives. It’s not our fault! Embrace this truth. We shouldn’t blame ourselves for feeling anxious. However, there are things that we can do to defeat anxiety when it flares up. Some of these things are to simply breathe, connect to your Higher source, go for a walk or stretch out your muscles. Focusing your attention elsewhere instead of the issue that is triggering is a great tool to keep in your arsenal.

Once I regained control over my new normal, I was able to put a plan into place to be as functional and productive as possible. It's not perfect and it's definitely steadily evolving but it works for me. Here's how I've been keeping my sanity during these times:

Working Out

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, I was committed to working out 3-4 days a week. I am working extremely hard to maintain this commitment because I refuse to gain the #quarantine15. I’ve been going for walks with the family, runs, and a lot of calisthenic-type exercises. I must admit I had to buy a knee brace because running on concrete caused my knee check engine light to come on. My oldest son is pursuing his degree in Exercise Science so he’s been making sure that I stay focused. I think his training is paying me back for all the times I made him load the dishwasher lol.

Stronger Emphasis on Work/Life Balance

I am grateful to have a job that allows for telework. I am considered essential personnel so I do have to go into the office one day a week. On my telework days, I make sure that I stick to my company's pre-established “office hours” as much as possible. Once my day is done, I resist the urge to check emails from my phone or log back on. My younger kids (6th and 10th graders) finally have access to their online learning platforms. I’ve tried to streamline their school time with my office hours to minimize distractions and interruptions. We have breaks for lunch and to give our eyes a break. So far so good…

Embrace the Positive

In the first few days of being home, I noticed that we were spending more time together as a family. Walking the dogs, which my husband normally did by himself because of my work schedule and the kids’ sports schedules, have become family walks. My solo workouts (that no longer start at 4 am...thank God) have now become workouts with the kids and I. I’ve been cooking more since I’m home. Normally I only cook two Sundays a month and my husband takes the other two Sundays and weekdays because he gets off from work earlier. I always come from work to a hot meal. These days, since my husband is the only one who leaves the house every day, I make sure that he now has dinner cooked for him. Because Lauryn Hill told us that all any of us want is a little reciprocity ;)

I pray that all of you are staying safe, healthy and sane. Like anything else in life, we will get through this and we know through experience that what doesn’t break us only makes us stronger. Tell someone that you love them today, wash you hands and continue to social distance.

Until next time…


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