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Secure the Bag, Sis!

Ambition is priceless, it's something that's in your veins and I put that on my name…

-Wale (Ambition)

In the era of “Secure the Bag”, ambition can become a double-edged sword. I have always had big goals and often not given myself credit for what I have accomplished so far. While my goals are still there, I have come to the realization that chasing perfection is unrealistic AND triggers my anxiety so I have to be more mindful of developing a plan to obtain these goals without stressing myself out. Also, in the era of social media, where everyone is posting their "highlight reels", one could easily begin to believe that we're not doing enough. I say "we" because I sometimes fall into this trap.

I have had to gather myself in these last few months because the urge to work on your side hustle in the midst of a pandemic has been real. I've seen folks working vigorously on their side hustle or their purpose and I have been in awe. My inner self would feel like a failure because I wasn't keeping up. However, I had to snap out of that mindset...quick, fast & in a hurry.

That process involved a literal "come to Jesus" moment along with some conversations with those who know me best. I was reminded that we are in the midst of a global pandemic, I am still blessed to be employed (teleworking is not idle time), homeschooling if no joke even if your kids are older (mine are 11 and 16 and still need my help) and most importantly, I'm human.

Over the years, with prayer and therapy, I've learned how to control my anxiety. Sometimes it's as easy as just getting out of my own head. Sometimes I have to journal to pinpoint the source or just have a good ole talk with Jesus. Here are a few lessons that I've learned along the way:

Live in the Moment

I know this sounds hella cliche' but hear me out. For me personally, I spend so much time thinking about the future (what's going to happen tomorrow, next week, five years from now) that I forget about the blessings and lessons that are in the right-now. Stopping to smell the roses provides an opportunity to embrace the present and be thankful for what is now.


At the end of last year, I was introduced to bullet journaling and even set up my 2020 journal. My journal included everything from my short/long goals, a mood tracker, to-do lists, a fitness tracker, etc. I was even tracking my water intake for the day. However, in the midst of chaos, I stopped journaling.

Once I went back to journaling, it became a visual reminder of not only what I had already accomplished but also to put a plan in place for future goals. I paid close attention to my mood trackers to identify bad day triggers - often asking myself "was it a bad day or a bad 5 minutes?". In most cases, it was the latter. And also my gratitude trackers because it's easy to forget your blessings when the world around you seems to be crashing.

Connect with Your Higher Power

If I am feeling extremely anxious or in a tailspin, it's usually indicative that I am not tapped in with my Source. If I haven't made a conscious effort to pray, meditate or simply ask God what's next, then I am left up to my own devices and that doesn't go well at all. I remember when I was a kid, my grandmother used to say "If you want to hear God laugh, tell him all your plans". I didn't understand what she was trying to tell me until I got older. No matter how much we try to plan our future, we can only follow the path that was laid out for us.

So while you're out there "securing the bag", just know you have time and the "bag" that is meant for you is waiting with your name on it. No, it won't just fall in your lap and yes you will still have to work for it. But there is no rush...what is meant for you will always arrive right on time.

Until next time,


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