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I'm that person who has a song lyric for every situation and who will randomly burst out into a random song. 


My soundtrack of resilience, forgiveness, praise and love - everything that captures the essence of me. This playlist was curated to comfort, encourage, and motivate y'all to bounce back when life throws you an unpredictable curveball. 

03. #TTBOS 

Confidence and sexiness go hand in hand. When a woman masters both, she can conquer anything! In a time where leggings and sweatpants have overtaken our wardrobe (because we’re quarantined of course), throw on your cutest bra and panties and embrace your inner badass! 😘


Keep your tissues handy! Praise & worship can be a powerful tool in healing. Worship is not just reserved for Sunday service. Rather, it is an ongoing opportunity to communicate with God and reflect on how He's a continuous and present help, not only in the bad times but the good times as well. 

04. L.O.V.E.

Love means something different to everyone. Valentine’s Day puts a special emphasis on love - not just for others but also for self. This playlist is comprised of some of my favorite long songs, spanning over the decades of my life.


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