From Teen Mom To Super Mom!


Unlike the popular MTV series, my debut into motherhood wasn’t syndication worthy. Instead, it was full of questions, doubts, and fears as to why God chose me to be someone’s mom while I was still a child myself. I knew this was a task that I could not fail because I was no longer responsible for just myself. I also knew that I wasn’t on this journey alone. With the love and support of my tribe, and most importantly God, I survived and became damn good at this motherhood thing, if I do say so myself.


Music has always been my go-to tool when I needed encouragement, motivation or I just needed to drown out the noise in my head! With that being said, I've created a playlist of some of the songs that have stuck with me...whether they coincide with a specific experience, encouraged me to just cry it out or reminded me to boss up (I often do both simultaneously).  


While this life hasn’t always been easy, it’s mine and I’m learning to love every aspect of it. I hope that by sharing my journey, you will be inspired and encouraged to "Love Yourz" as much as I love mine! 


Muvah  T